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Eid al-Azha tradition

Eid al-Azha finished the pilgrimage of Mecca. Eid al-Azha lasts for three days and performs his son to obey God by sacrificing his son in memory of Abraham (Abraham).

The same story is displayed in the Bible and is known to Jews and Christians. One important difference is that Muslims believe that instead of Ishmael, Christians instead of Isaac in the Bible, the formula (Old Testament). Eid al-Azha, which means 'meat Eid'

According to the Qur'an, Abraham was going to sacrifice his son when the voice of heaven stopped him and instructed him instead of allowed to sacrifice Dahva. In the Old Testament, it is a Ram that is sacrificed instead of the son.

In Islam, Ishmael is regarded as an ancestor of a Prophet and Muhammad. Also all the major religions of Ishmael are the descendants of Ishmael.

During the festival of Eid al-Azha, Muslims dedicate the loyalty to Ibrahim, dedicated to cattle or Ram. The family goes to a third of one-third of food friends and relatives and the remaining third is donated to the poor and the poor.

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