The government of Bangladesh recently decided to Make a database for all the students and prepare and a unique ID. In this process, the software will be made using a unique ID, and the government will hold all kinds of educational and civilization activities According to this ID. Here is the Unique ID form for class 6 to 12 students of school colleges and Madrasa. 

To be established of government decision Bangladesh educational information and Statistics bureau Started activities For unique ID under the establishment of the integrated educational information management system.

Student unique ID Form 2021

A page student unique ID form for school college Madrasa going students of 2021 has been prepared by Bangladesh educational information and Statistics Bureau to establish an integrated educational information management system. Published the unique ID form on their web portal and instructed teachers Guardian and students to respond carefully and submit to their teachers. 

It is completely free of charge, and students will need to submit the form to prepare their unique ID very carefully. 

BANBEIS Student unique ID Form 2021

The Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) will hold the unique ID preparing process. When babies authority already added DTE new software link on their official website. Teachers of school have to log in to the portal for Submit students data for unique ID form. 

You can find this by clicking here or going to the official website of BANBEIS.

Student Unique ID Form for School

Students who read classes 6 to 10 In Junior School, secondary school, school, and colleges under Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Bangladesh Need to download the form and fulfill it carefully. School-going students from class 6 to 10 will be added in in unique student ID on BANBEIS. 

To get there, unique ID students must have to fill-up the form and submit it before the deadline. Otherwise, He may fall in difficulty.

College Student Profile Form of Class 11-12


These students' unique ID students profile form will be applicable for colleges going students of Bangladesh also. Students who read in class 11-12 level in higher secondary Educational Institutes in Bangladesh also need to fill this form and include data in the student ERP portal on the BANBEIS website. Like other classes, colleges will also have to follow the rules and regulations by the authority for completing students' unique ID form 2021.

IEIMS Unique ID form for School, College, and Madrasha

Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) will provide the unique form to School, College and Madrasha by thana education offices and Educational institute will have to take Necessary action to do this work very carefully. 

The student unique ID form for school college and Madrasa is given here for you. You can download the form here in PDF format and used it by printing. To download this form click the download button given below.

It is a high-quality Student Profile Form in PDF prepared by IEIMS for Education ERP (EMIS). 

There is a sample Student ERP form for unique ID by BANBEIS IEIMS Bangladesh. Click on the above Download Button to get this form in PDF version.

Student Profile Form Page No-1

On the first page of this form, students have to input their basic information like Name (Bangla and English), Birth Registration Number, Date of Birth, Birth District, Gender, Nationality, Religion, Present Class, and Roll Number, Marital status, Disability, Blood group and Information about minor citizenship information.
Students also have to input their mother's information according to their NID card.

Mothers Information according to NID

On the first page, students have to write down their mother's Name (Bangla and English), NID Card No, Birth certificate no, Mobile number, occupation very carefully. 
If any information doesn't match with student data it will be very difficult for them. 

Student Profile Form Page No-2

Student Profile Form Page No-3

Student Profile Form Page No-4

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